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Welcome to the domain of Tim Rifat, Psi-Lord! Here is a man who proclaims himself to be far superior than those New Age psychics who merely offer you readings and aura readings. Tim is the first of a new generation of psychics who ascended from the mere level of "Psi-Master" to the far more impressive-sounding "Psi-Lord." What vast powers does a Psi-Lord have? Tim explains it:

"A Psi-Lord has total control over the Matrix. What makes him different from a Psi-Master is that he has gone beyond knowledge, reaching the position of silent knowledge where he knows everything. To reach this position of the assemblage point one needs only one thing – power. Total ruthlessness of spirit is required, not to achieve power, but to stop power being bled from the Psi-Master by him/her donating energy to poor souls in need of energy. A Psi-Lord never gives energy to anyone under any circumstances, only giving them access to energy via psychotronic amplifiers which feed off the Matrix - weakening it for Psi-Masters only…"

And Tim boasts some amazing credentials, too – not only is he a Psi-Lord, he's also a scientist, author, world geopolitical and military foreign correspondent for U.S. National Radio (though the name of this radio broadcaster isn't given), expert on Tetra and microwave weapons, and TV personality. (Though again, it doesn't say how he appeared on TV.)

The Hypersite is your doorway to the vast world of the Psi-Lords (of which there is only one…so far) and their battles against the forces of evil. There are different sections of the site for any viewers to go if they want to take part in Tim's battle against Satanists (, or if they want to learn about remote viewing ( But best of all, Tim produces and sells all kinds of psychic products that you can buy to enhance your own psychic abilities. Tim specializes in charged crystals, fashioned into psychic jewelry, psychotronic generators – and best of all, ultimate power rings! If you're a believer in psychic warfare, he will fashion and sell you a ring that will let you store psychic energy that you can use to "Attract love, Gain influence" and "Live longer"…and you can even recharge your ring in the same way that Green Lantern charges his power ring.

Tim doesn't provide a price list for these rings, but a clue can be found in his Volume Discount offer:

Obviously he figures that since he is the only Psi-Lord, demand for his product is likely to be high. In fact, Tim says that a former partner of his stole his psychic secrets and is now using them to sell his own psychic products. He has a separate page of Counterfeit crystal warnings, in which he makes nasty accusations against competitor Web site