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Psionics Online

This site says it's the real thing – it wants to teach you to enhance your psychic abilities for free, without asking for money. It has the feel of a labor-of-love site built from the ground up by its owner, and that's a pleasant change from most of those other "psychic" sites that either want to charge you through the nose for "courses" or fill your head with conspiracy theories. Psychics Online offers "articles" to teach a person psychic abilities; it even includes a getting started guide and a media section filled with what is supposedly real demonstrations of psychic ability.

(What's more, the person maintaining this site actually submitted this review willingly. She writes, "Why it should be linked: Yeah, this is my site. I'm going to be honest here – I need clicks because I want people to know about this stuff, and know that regular people can learn it. I can't do this because of all of the spam sites that top the ranks in Google.")