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Psychic Investigators

When police, the FBI, and other missing persons investigators have run out of leads and hit a dead end in their investigations, what do they do? Why, they turn to help from "psychic investigators," of course! By the time the authorities have reached the point where they could just as easily toss a coin or let a cat walk across the personals section of the newspaper for leads. But hey, a psychic investigator will do the job just as well, so they're kind enough to offer their services in criminal investigations.

What's more, if a case is solved and the psychic investigator just happens to have said something that resembles a clue, then he (or she) can take credit and get into all the newspapers for actually solving the case!

Besides, the TV loves psychic investigations. More importantly, people love watching TV "news" reports about how a psychic investigator came onto a case, and voila! The police mysteriously uncover hidden details that lead the case to a happy ending. (I'm sure the media fell over themselves when the famous Uri Geller got involved in the kidnaping case of Hungarian model Helga Farkas. He predicted she would be found alive and in good health, but she had actually been murdered by her captors.) It's not likely that a TV news show will broadcast a story about a psychic investigator who failed to crack a case…not as long as TV news prefers stories with happy endings.

Which brings us to one of the most famous psychic investigators, Noreen Reiner. Miss Reiner has been kind enough to offer her services in several police investigations, some of which have proven successful. Actually, she hedges her bets and doesn't outright state that she solved the cases in question – though she does like to put media stories on her Web site with titles like "Cops credit psychic with solving missing person's case" (National Enquirier, January 17, 2005); or "Family cites aid of psychic in finding man's remains" (The Houston Chronicle, June 8, 1999).

What's more, Miss Renier also had a tit-for-tat feud with one particular skeptic, Gary Posner. She's kind enough to include a rather slanted description of her controntation with Mr. Posner, all designed to make him look like an obsessive no-nothing who's more interested in "persecuting" her than opening his mind to the truth that she has amazing psychic powers!

Mr. Posner's take on this affair, however, is rather different. You can read this archive of Posner's articles on Reiner and get both sides of the story.