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Psychic Nikki

Psychic Nikki, the "Psychic to the Stars," is an interesting case. Every year, Nikki scribbles down literally dozens of strange predictions for the coming year. These predictions are so random, it makes one think she may be throwing darts at a board to determine what is going to happen. When the next year unfolds, she claims to have made a number of astounding predictions, usually because her own prophecies touched on something vaguely resembling the actual events that occurred.

Go and look at Nikki's page pf psychic predictions to see for yourself. Under her section for 2008 predictions, Psychic Nikki states: "Last year Nikki predicted Jennifer Lopez’s pregnancy in the September 11, 2006 issue of the US Sun Magazine tabloid, as well as the pregnancy of Angelina Jolie, the fires in Greece and the fires in Southern California including San Diego and Malibu, bridge collapse in Minnesota, the marriage of Eva Longoria, the Lebanon War, and the riots in Pakistan. Nikki also predicted the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith, Joey Bishop, Merv Griffin, Tammy Faye Baker, Luciano Pavarotti, and Shelley Winters."

Let's see what she actually wrote. For Jennifer Lopez, she did mention a pregnancy – in 2005. (It doesn't exactly take a psychic to predict that a beautiful, sexy star will become pregnant within a span of two to three years.) She also claims to have predicted Angeline Jolie's pregnancy in 2006 and 2007…but there's no mention of it in any of her hundreds of listed predictions for those two years. There is no mention at all of Greece, except for a prediction of a terrorist attack in Athens in 2004. Likewise, the only mention on this Web page about fires in California are in her 2008 predictions ("wildfires spread to Los Angeles as well as a fire at a Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles"). There is likewise no mention at all of Lebanon (yet, again, she claims to have predicted it in her 2006 predictions). She actually did mention "health issues or death" for Anna Nicole Smith…along with about three dozen other random celebrity names. (Interestingly, Billy Graham's name is mentioned on her death list, yet she doesn't claim to have predicted his death.) So, were all of these amazing predictions in the September 11, 2006 issue of the US Sun magazine, even though she had a full year to put them on her Web site?

But this isn't even the most mind-boggling aspect of Psychic Nikki's amazing predictions! As you see when you look at her page of predictions, each year she puts out a long listing of hundreds of predictions, with apparently no rhyme or reason, jumping from one wild event to the next. Her list of World Predictions for 2008 begins with:

Tragedy around the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls, a category 5 hurricane wipes out Miami, terrorist attack on the Beijing Olympics plus another terrorist attack on Madrid, Spain, as well as an attack in Chicago. Two planes will collide over JFK Airport in New York, a giant earthquake in Japan, giant snowstorm blankets New York and shuts down the Metropolis for a week, a disease wipes out tulips in Holland, the US will invade Iran, assassination around President Bush, the Empire State Building on fire, a stock market crash, an avalanche in Switzerland, tragedy around a ski lift, wildfires spread to Los Angeles as well as a fire at a Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, a daredevil walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope, and a daredevil will also scale the Eiffel Tower, a giant flood in Venice, Italy, 6 children will be born to a woman in Iowa, USA, a giant rabbit will be found in Surrey, England, and a giant scorpion will be found in the Arizona Desert.

And all that is just two run-on sentences! I get the impression that when Psychic Nikki sits down to make her prophecies, she simply does free-style writing, jotting down whatever random thoughts come into her head this time. This results in her making all sorts of wild predictions, most of which never come true. (For 2007, she stated that thousands of people in the USA and Canada would die from poisoned potatoes; Air Force One would be attacked; an explosion would take place at the home offices of the Wall Street Journal, and many, many other predictions that didn't even come close to taking place.) When some event occurs that sounds similar to one of her predictions, Nikki can then point to it and say she predicted this amazing event…though evidently, she doesn't mind taking credit for predicting events that aren't listed on her page of predictions.