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Psychic Surgeons

So-called "psychic surgery" is among the best available examples of how an unscrupulous, uncaring group will do anything for money – even if it means taking advantage of people with terminal illnesses and life-threatening medical conditions, and tricking them into thinking they're "cured."

During a so-called psychic "surgery," the "surgeon" miraculously makes an incision in the patient's skin just by tracing his finger across it. (Amazing, isn't it?) He then inserts his fingers into the patient's vital organs and roots around with his fingers, searching for and locating the diseased tissue. He pulls the diseased tissue out of the patient in a manner that causes very little pain at all, if any! (Amazing, isn't it?) When the "surgeon" removes his fingers and hands from the patient, the wound is miraculously healed instantly, as if the surgeon had never made any cut at all. (AMAZING, isn't it?!?) A number of psychic "surgeons" in the Philipines and elsewhere will charge thousands upon thousands of dollars for these services before sending the victims home to die: all they did was use a little sleight-of-hand, a blood bag, and a couple of pieces of grocery meat to simulate the "diseased tissue" they allegedly pulled from the victim's bodies with their bare hands. Meanwhile, the actual disease or malady rages on, untouched, and the victim dies a painful death…while the psychic "surgeon" rakes in more money.

Perhaps the most famous of the psychic surgeons is Alex Orbito. After he catered to actress Shirley MacLaine, she wrote about her experiences with him in her book Going Within: A Guide for Inner Transformation. He manages his own "travel agency," Orbit Tours, which manages trips to the Philipines for anyone who can afford Orbito's services. However, the Web site for Orbito's company,, appears to have gone down and is inactive since Orbito was arrested by Canadian authorities on June 14, 2005 and indicted for fraud. (The charges against him were dropped in 2006, however, thus proving once again that "religious" idiots who know how to use the system can get away with anything.)

Psychic surgery has been exposed and debunked, time and time again. For a few simple examples, try reading Unconventional Therapies, and the Skeptics' Dictionary entry on psychic surgery.

And yet, there are still naive, self-deluded "holistic" idiots who try to pass off psychic surgery as a genuine medical practice. Check out "What Is Psychic Surgery" for an example of the apologists' point of view.

Dolfina is but one of many groups that promote the use of "psychic surgery." Notice how these assholes are trying to pass themselves off as a religious tax-exempt organization here in the United States. It's yet another case of greedy, self-serving parasites hiding behind a "religious" facade to keep from being prosecuted.