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Psychic Twins

Linda and Terry Jamison, the "Psychic Twins," are classic examples of what a modern-day psychic needs to be to rope in customers: hot babes. The fact that they are identical twins, and pretty girls to boot, makes them especially photogenic to the point where they have to fight their customers off. They are making a reputation for themselves for "predicting the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington" and they have a big animated Flash screen on their home page that screams this fact as soon as you arrive at their site.

Skeptic David Bloomberg tracked down the source of this fantastic claim, and what he found was quite interesting: the Psychic Twins are actually basing their amazing claim on a five-minute audio clip from Art Bell's radio show back in 1999. Here's a copy of the zine with his findings on the Psychic Twins. And here's what David wrote about the twins' 9/11 claim:

"They were asked about coming disasters, both natural and not. They responded with the following (it was never clear which twin was speaking because they both sounded alike and one would pick up a sentence where the other left off):
"We are seeing terrorist attacks on federal government – excuse me, federal buildings. Particularly South Carolina or Georgia, by July 2002. And also the New York Trade Center – the World Trade Center in 2002, with something, with a terrorist attack."
– David Bloomberg, "Psychic Parasite Update," The REALL News, January 2002, pg. 4.

This is based on a CD the twins themselves sent to David. So, based on this little sound bite, the Famous Psychic Twins are now proclaiming they predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks! (Though I'm puzzled how they can be claiming to have predicted the attacks in Washington, when their actual statement said "New York," "South Carolina," and "Georgia.") Aren't they just so great? And more importantly, aren't they cute?