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Rational Response Squad

Fundamentalist Christians are well-known for getting in people's faces and declaring that everyone else is a sinner who will go to hell. These people set themselves up as targets for laughter and derision, because their obsessive Bible-speak is often so ridiculous, it drives people away from Christianity rather than winning converts. However, there are fundamentalist atheists who are just as annoying and troublesome. These are the people who proclaim, loudly and repeatedly, that God doesn't exist, Christianity is a murderous cult, religion is a waste of time, and you are an utter fool if you dare to suggest the existence of a Supreme Being or Beings.

The Rational Response Squad has been making a name for itself with a number of publicity stunts especially designed to get Christians ticked off at them. They are known to most people as the group behind the Blasphemy Challenge, in which they give away free copies of the DVD documentary The God Who Wasn't There. The idea is simple: make a video of yourself stating that you "deny the Holy Spirit." (This, supposedly, is the one sin that can't be forgiven – though many Christian groups will disagree with that.) Upload the video to YouTube, so that the whole world can see it. In return, they'll send you a free copy of their movie on DVD.

They've pulled other stunts of this sort, though their major goal seems to be more to get publicity for themselves and their cause rather than to bring in large numbers of converts. I've never been at ease with atheists who display the same jerkwad traits that hardcore religious fanatics do: "We're right, you're wrong, and we're saying this especially to piss you off!"