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Okay, I confess one reason I love this movie is that a lot of the soundtrack music sounds like my music. (This is just john talking.)

Anyhow, this is a delightful romp about cannibalism, both forced and voluntary, in 1847 California. It stars Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle. Carlyle is the most fun.

David Arquette manages not to stink up the piece (I was a WCW fan when Ready to Rumble came out, and my faith was sorely tested by the episode.)

I was surprised to learn this was filmed in Eastern Europe, which makes it the first one I can think of to be filmed there recently for US release that had a brain behind the script writing. Others from that neck of the woods – Reign of Fire and Arthur (the revisionist king-of-the-Britons one, not the Dudley Moore ad for booze) are examples of films that are beautiful to behold, but dumber than a truckload of remedial hammers.

I'd classify the film as horror, but it was sitting in the drama section of the local big box store. The title sequence seems geared for comedy. I suspect at least a few of the filmmakers were trying to produce a gross-out screed against eating meat in general. And private. And colonel …

Whatever. It's not a movie you're likely to forget.

Released 1999.