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Real Doll


Are you a pathetic loser who can afford to spend $5,500 on an anatomically correct blow-up sex doll? Then this site has just what you are looking for! The makers of Real Doll (TM) claim that their creations are so lifelike, it's hard to tell the difference between the doll and a real woman. Well, at first glance, they sure do look lifelike. But still…something about the way they use carefully lit photos and provocative clothing (with the dolls placed in standard porn poses) suggests that this site is really telling you, "You're so desperate to have sex with a real woman that you're willing to pay thousands of dollars for one of these things!" I suppose they can market them to Hollywood bigshots who are known for paying extravagant amounts of money for trinkets, oddities, and practical jokes (and that's probably where they get most of their income from). Naturally, most of the dolls manufactured and displayed here are female, but there's one male doll there too for the sake of equality (?).

REAL DOLL UPDATE! If you can't get enough satisfaction from Real Doll, you may want to give these sites a try: Real Doll Sex and Real Hamster. The first one features losers who are willing to appear in photo layouts of themselves having sex with Real Dolls – and it's a pay site, too! The second one is…ummm…well, you'd have to see it for yourself!