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Remnant Fellowship

Some people have accused Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous of being cults, but these guys go a step further. Forget those weight-loss pills and drugs and fad diets – now you can use Jesus Christ to shed those ugly pounds! This group started out as a weight-loss program called "Weigh Down Workshop" that offered (and still offers) a Scriptural diet program to keep you on the right track. The trick here is to use Scripture and Bible study to avoid the evil temptations of commercials and advertising for food, and to only eat when your stomach grumbles and tells you you're really hungry. The program's founder, Gwen Shamblin, went on to begin her own religious sect called the Remnant Fellowship – which found a large number of recruits from the ranks of Weigh Down Workshop's members.

According to these folks, scientific facts about nutrition and food are all part of Satanic temptation, so you should only trust in the Bible and not those false-god-worshiping "scientists!"

One sign of how the criticism is getting to these folks can be seen on their "Rumor Response" page. Here they respond to their critics with generic answers, including "The Remnant Fellowship Church follows Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church" and "…let's re-examine our stance on the dependency upon the medicine cabinet. We need so desperately to examine our attitudes and lack of trust in God, and our overconfident trust in medications."

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