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Renaldo and The Loaf

On their first three albums, Renaldo and The Loaf refused to use synthesizers, making all of their sounds through tape manipulation, though on their fourth, The Elbow is Taboo, they finally relented and used a keyboard… sparingly. The bulk of the sounds are still created through tape processing, they've just been joined by the keyboard and a drum machine (programmed through dice rolls). The Elbow Is Taboo is my favorite album of theirs; the first two, …Play Struve And Sneff and Songs For Swinging Larvae contain a lot of really great sounds, though they hadn't quite combined the sounds into great songs yet – Arabic Yodelling is the first of these, though their sound had matured on Elbow.

The band members are Renaldo Malpractice (a/k/a Brian Poole) and Ted the Loaf (a/k/a David Janssen). They were on The Residents label, Ralph Records, and recorded an album with The Rz, Title In Limbo.