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Reopen 911

When I see conspiracy theories like this, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The problem with most of these folks is that they start with one basic conclusion, then invent their facts and "evidence" to fit this conclusion. The conclusion here is: The September 11, 2001 disaster is a huge United States cover-up. Using little bits and pieces of imagined evidence (and a lot of photos with arrows pointing to the alleged "shocking evidence"), they highlight a far-out theory that the United States Goverment blew up the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and that no airplane hit the Pentagon. In other words, we weren't attacked by terrorists…rather, the government staged a gigantic hoax involving the death of thousands of people, in order to "further its own agenda." And yet, they still manage to tie it all into a huge "Zionist" conspiracy with the idea that "Israeli Agents Danced With Joy on 9/11."

These guys claim to have sent thousands of copies of their video Confronting The Evidence: A Call To Reopen The 9/11 Investigation to law enforcement agencies and libraries all over the country. What's more, you can get a copy of the video on DVD for free! Just go to and sign up for a copy of it yourself. They do ask for a donation of $1 to $5 ("any amount will help").

Now, the idea that the government is lying to us is an idea that has a basis in fact. Quite a bit of what we hear from the government is a bald-faced lie: "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction!" "Iraqi soldiers pulled babies out of incubators!" "These prisoners are Enemy Combatants!" There's a thin, fragile barrier between reasonable skepticism and outlandish, wild conspiracy theory, and it can be easy to slip over that line…a line that the folks responsible for this site seem to have left behind a long time ago.