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Repo Man

Repo Man
(c) 1984
Directed and Written by Alex Cox

Stealing cars, chaos, and punk rock. Repo Man follows the story of Otto (Emilio Estevez), a street kid looking to enter the dangerous and exciting world of the Repo Man. With his mentor Bud (Harry Dean Stanton), he learns the rules of the repossesion. Weirdness abounds after Otto steals a car with a mysterious radioactive substance in the trunk, put there by an escaping government scientist, Dr.Lagarto (Del Zamora) who himself has suffered (both physically and mentally) from the radiation. Backed by one hell of a soundtrack of classic punk/hardcore tunes Otto gets the car and more than he ever imagined.

The dialogue in Repo Man is brilliantly hilarious. Some of the best lines stay with you like a dagger in the medulla oblongata. There are many scenes with biting commentary on everything from street crime to tele-evangalism. The bleekness of 1980's California is amplified to give an edge to the film that not many reach. There are also several references to Scientology and Dianetics sprinkled in to the mix, especially by the character Miller (Tracey Walter). The end scene of this great flick is one of the wildest finales in cult moviedom.

Break out your old Black Flag T-shirt, grab a beer, and give in to the visually induced daze.