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Reverend Zuma

Rev. Zuma: ordained 12/11/80 by my secret realworld name (after being 'tapped' by matt howarth of all people…)

review my own site, eh? i'll say this much; "if you keep doin' whatcha been doin', you'll keep getting th results ya been getting." and i been doin' it for umpteen ages. with umpteenagers to boot.

"just because something is serious doesn't mean it isn't funny. and vice verse." -bill leahy
and it's true. and applies; sure, i got yer politics right here. and the lack of all such tripe as well. jillions of pages, and like i say: profusely, if nothing else, illustrated.

-other related URLs at top of each page (2 livejournals, a diary on The Agonist, and a member of MondoGlobo, and youtube, and more….

-with a links/blogroll down the side (just like the fancy dans do, hey!)
…and then there's all the bits we never talk about…

and so on.