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Dirty Rice

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When you're cooking on a low budget, rice is always a good staple food, and dressing it up with Cajun seasoning is one way to give it a real kick and a change of pace. And so, here's to dirty food porn, of the kind that your whole family should enjoy eating, as much as calling it dirty rice. "Dirty rice" is called that because that's what it looks like. The taste, however, is anything but dirty! This is a Cajun style jambalaya dish that's fast, easy, and of course very tasty. It can be cooked entirely in one pot, in about 30 to 40 minutes. Cajun purists would insist that gizzards or liver be included in the ingredients, but that's not really necessary. You could omit the sausage and simply use ground beef for the meat, and you'd have an easy dirty rice your whole family will enjoy.
Pans needed: One large cast iron pan: a large skillet, dutch oven, wok, or whatever you have available. A lid to cover the pan and steam the rice. One metal bowl or container to reserve the cooked meat.


Cut up sausages and other meats into small bite sized pieces, or smaller. Chop up onion, celery, green pepper, green onions, garlic. These vegetables can be added to the same bowl, because they'll be added to the hot cast iron pan at the same time.

Heat a large cast iron dutch oven, wok, or large skillet on the stovetop at medium heat for at least ten minutes, to get it good and hot.

When the pan is good and hot, Add or melt a few tablespoons of lard or cooking oil in the pan, and add the sausages first. Sausage has to be thoroughly cooked, so stir fry the sausage on its own for several minutes. When the sausage is close to being done, add other whole meats such as liver or chicken gizzards. Stir fry for several more minutes, then add ground beef. Mix it all together and stir fry until the ground beef is no longer pink. Remove the meat and reserve it in a metal bowl, leaving the extra grease in the pan.

Add the vegetables to the hot grease, and stir fry them until the onions are soft. Add the meat back into the pan, and stir it all together. Add salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and cajun seasoning. Stir everything together.

Add 3 cups chicken broth to the pan, and mix everything together. Cover the pan, leaving the stovetop heat at medium. After a few minutes the broth will be boiling. Add rice and stir it all in. Cover the pan once again, and this time lower the stovetop heat to low. Simmer the rice for twenty minutes. Do not uncover the pan until twenty minutes have passed and the rice is done.

Stir it all together, and serve hot.

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