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No-Fold Omelette


YouTube: Frittata in a Finex Cast Iron Skillet

To this very day, I am unable to fold an omelette. Every time I try to make an omelette, it ends up breaking up and becoming nothing but a dish full of scrambled eggs. But now, thanks to some advice from a professional chef, I have been initiated into the secret of making an omelette that doesn't need to be flipped – make a frittata instead. :) All you need is a hot oven, a cast iron skillet, and a secret ingredient – water!

Pans needed: one all-metal pan such as a cast iron skillet, to transfer from your stovetop to the oven; one bowl for your eggs.

Frittata for one person:

Multiply the ingredients for each additional person; i.e. for four people you would use a full dozen eggs, four potatoes, one cup of onions.

Preheat your oven to 500 degrees F.

Heat up your skillet on the stovetop, with the range set on high. While the skillet is heating, slice your potato(es) into slices the size of potato chips, but a little thicker than a chip. Chop up the onions and keep them aside.

Thoroughly beat the eggs in a bowl. After they're beaten, add your secret ingredient - just a splash or shot of water. The water will mix with the eggs when cooking, and cause the mixture to rise. Tap water works fine; if you want your omelette to be really fluffy, use seltzer water (non-flavored). Mix some more, and add a dash of parsley. Don't add salt, because salt will cause the eggs to turn a gray color as they cook.

When the skillet is hot, add enough oil to the bottom of the pan to cover it. After waiting only about a minute to heat the oil, put in your potatoes and cook them until they become light to golden brown. Mix in the onions and stir together. Add your egg mixture, and stir it all together. Wait until your eggs cook enough to form a layer on the bottom of your pan. When you can barely lift the layer, you're ready to add the cheese. Cover the top with slices of cheese, then take the entire pan and place it into the oven to bake. (Remember, the handle is hot - be careful!)

After about ten minutes in the oven, check the frittata with a spatula. If you can put your spatula into the center of the frittata without any eggs running, it is thoroughly cooked and ready to take out of the oven. Take the skillet out and let it cool for only a couple of minutes – remember that the hot skillet is still cooking the frittata, and it needs to be served before it burns. Use an oven mitt or cloth around the skillet handle when serving, because it's hot!