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Flowers On The Wall

This was The Statler Brothers' first hit single and the title track from their first album. This is actually one of my contenders for "Best Country Song Of All Time"; it's pretty much neck-and-neck with "Sunday Morning Coming Down" by Johnny Cash. (Everyone who says it's "He Stopped Loving Her Today" is SO WRONG.) It came out in 1965, and is rather ahead of its time; it's dark and ironic lyrically, but musically rather upbeat (aside from the chorus). It's not necessarily something you'd expect from that era of country music. There was a cover, recently, by Eric Heatherly that got quite a bit of airplay, but his version wasn't a patch on the real one; his was way too cutesy. His version sounded like he was saying "Hey, what a funny joke!"; the Statlers' was a wounded, bitter cry.