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Too Much Time

My favorite Captain Beefheart song, and my favorite to play for people who only think of the Trout Mask Replica-type Beefheart. Most of my experiences with playing this song for people is:

 Them: "Oh, I hate Beefheart!"
 Me: "Oh, well, listen to this song."
 Them: "WOW! This is REALLY GOOD! This is Beefheart?! He IS good!" 

Anyway, though, most people don't really realize that Captain Beefheart was really into R&B (even though his early stuff tends to betray that pretty well, and his vocal delivery is quite a lot like Howlin' Wolf), and this is a nice bit of Stax Soul. This is from the Clear Spot album, which is my favorite, even though a lot of Beefheart fans tend to look down a bit on it because it's easily the most accessible of his stuff. There's a few songs like this on there ("My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains", for example). It's available on a CD with The Spotlight Kid, which is another good album, but I usually end up skipping past the Spotlight Kid tracks just to listen to Clear Spot. But that's just me.