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If you want proof that most (if not all) hackers are not evil software-pirating terrorists who want to destroy your PC, then this site is one of the best places to go. Not only that, it's a paradise on Earth for technical geeks and people who love to tinker with wires, circuits, and connections of all sorts. The folks in this community live to invent modifications for standard electronic devices (the kind you buy at the store), so as to make them more useful, versatile, and longer-lasting than they would be if you simply follow the instructions. These guys figured out how to modify a standard serial cable to turn a limited-use Internet connection device (the Netpliance i-opener) into a full-fledged computer, at a cost of $99. Their discussion board is full of advice for people who are not afraid to open up their machines and see what takes them tick. They talk about the CVS digital cameras and camcorders, iPods, Voice-over-IP phones, and just about every electronic widget you can think of. Technically, the stuff the folks here do might be considered illegal, thanks to draconian copyright laws that actually forbid you from tampering with a device you bought with your own money, for your own personal use. But these guys are determined to support their hobby, and provide a ton of great technical advice for anyone who needs it.