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Secularism is another term for atheism. Basically, these are people who don't believe in God, or much else; they prefer to get their morals from philosophical views of right and wrong. I sympathize with these folks, but even they can overdo it. The stuff about how harmful it can be to let your kids believe in Santa may be going over the edge. Still, atheism does offer a convincing rationale for its existence: it opposes the idea of blind faith as a rationale for moral behavior. Religion offers all the answers to life in a neatly-wrapped package, so long as you shut up and think what someone else tells you what to think. Atheism doesn't offer sound answers – in fact, it offers little except doubt, insecurity, uncertainty, and the realization that we are not the center of the Universe. It's little wonder that religion is still such a strong influence of our society, because we all feel the need for something to cling to…