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Back in the mid-to-late 90s, Adbusters was a terrific magazine that did a great job “subverting” traditional advertising…but something changed in the time between then and now. Back then, the articles and fake ads had an all-important sense of humor, and the reader got the sense that the guys at Adbusters were having a lot of fun poking fun at advertising and waking people up. The satire was razor-sharp, and it was nasty enough that Absolut Vodka sent them a bunch of legal threats over their poking fun.

But if you pick up an issue of the magazine now, it seems as though the sense of fun and humor has somehow been drained out. All they do now is whine and moan about how awful the world is and how people are being oppressed by evil corporations. All of the illustrations and fake ads in the magazine now are shown in a washed-out, drab color that may contain “philosophical” quotes such as the one you mentioned above. It may look high-minded and “intellectual” — but it’s not FUN anymore. I don’t just mean not “funny” - it’s not entertaining and FUN anymore. Adbusters used to be a must-read for me, but even though I leaf through the occasional issue, I’m just not inspired by it anymore.

However, their “Buy Nothing Day” campaign is still a worthy cause.