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Incredibly Strange Films

You're bound to find one or more of these books at your local Tower Records or other "hip" music-and-book store. The RE/Search series took an exhaustive, in-depth look at the underground of our culture and showed us what's really great about it, dealing with such subjects as Bob Flanagan, Super-Masochist, Angry Women, Incredibly Strange Music, Pranks!, and more. Their book on Incredibly Strange Films is an incredible look at the low-budget "exploitation" and other underground films that have been made over the years by people who love making movies, insist on following their own visions, and refusing to submit to the corporate image of Hollywood. Sure, the movies were trash – but this book will show you how much fun trash can be! Includes interviews with Russ Meyer, Joe Sarno, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and other gods of the underground film movement; in addition, we get essays and analyses of classics you've never heard of such as Young Playthings and God Told Me To. This book is an eye-opener for any film buff, and it's only one of the many RE/Search books. (These publishers were successful enough to branch off and rename their publishing line to X-RE.)