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Left Behind

Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins' best-selling series of novels (and later films) about the Rapture. They've sold billions of copies and are credited as being an important piece of Christianity's new mainstream-popularity (along with The Passion of the Christ a/k/a Splatterchrist). And, they're a bit wacky; poorly written and downright scary in the shit they're sayin'.

I haven't dared tackling this series myself, because I can't find the stamina to work my way through twelve books of religious prosyletizing (actually, it's thirteen books as of 2007…an epilogue to the series entitled Kingdom Come was published in April of 07) – plus the spin-off series Before They Were Left Behind and Left Behind: The Children; and also because I still haven't recovered from the trauma of reading all ten books of the Mission Earth series. So I won't pretend to offer a critique of this series, and thus set myself for accusations of hating the series even though I haven't actually read it.

But fortunately, someone is reading the Left Behind books for us, and offering a detailed page-by-page critique of the series. Slacktivist has taken on this task for himself, and he is slowly working his way thtough the books. He hasn't even finished the first book of the series (Left Behind) yet…but you simply must look at his ''Left Behind'' page-by-page critique on his ongoing blog. He examines the series far more than its ardent fanboys do, and what he discovers in it may shock you.