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Safe Libraries

Did you know the American Library Association's annual Banned Books Week is actually an insidious propaganda campaign? These folks do! They are working hard to bring you the truth about public libraries in America: namely, that libraries actually contain reading material that is inappropriate for children. Not only that, but librarians are actually encouraged to "push" sexual reading material on our children! Yes, it's true: by encouraging people to read "award-winning" books, children are being exposed to reading materials with sexual and (gasp!) homosexual content.

But fear not, fellow citizens! The valiant activists working together for Safe Libraries are crusading to make public libraries a safe place for our innocent children to be. They've even shot covert videos of people committing crimes at the library! Admittedly, a number of these documented crimes include very sad incidents involving child molesters committing acts against children in the library. But this is obviously the result we get when we allow the library to let anyone come in and view pornography!