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The Evidence Bible

From famous celebrity religious nutjob Kirk Cameron, this is another nuclear weapon from Way of the Master Ministries for your (or their) unending war against the forces of those Godless heathen atheist unbelievers who seek to create doubt in your mind about the absolute, unerring, literal TRUTH of the Bible! The fun begins right on the front cover of this book, which proudly proclaims its use to: "Prove God's existence! Show the Bible's supernatural origin!" It's a huge 1,720 page Bible, expanded greatly with mini-lessons on nearly every single page to prove that you – yes YOU! – are a sinner and YOU are condemned to Hell if you don't repent. We know that YOU are going to hell because it says (on page 1,321) that nobody except Jesus Christ has kept the First of the Ten Commandments.

There are quotes from famous persons from history ("God, if you are there, strike me dead!" – Benito Mussolini). There are lessons on how to proselytize ("How to Use the Ten Commandments in Witnessing"). There are footnotes galore, explaining every single famous quote from the Bible (at least the way these guys want you to understand them). And, of course, there are scientific proofs of the accuracy of the Bible! These proofs are probably the most laughable part of the book, because they repeatedly drive home the idea that there are fulfilled prophecies from the Old and New Testaments – all of which are undeniable proof that the Bible is scientific.

It goes on and on and on, providing tips on how you can make a fool of yourself by demonstrating to Jehovah's Witnesses, Buddhists, and Muslims about how they are all sinners who are going to Hell. There are quotes on how you can reply to common "atheist" arguments, such as "You can't use circular reasoning by using quotes from the Bible to prove the Bible," or "My God would never create hell." And best of all, it justifies the use of "hell-fire" preaching:

"However, imagine if the law burst into your home and instead told you specifically why you were in trouble: 'We have discovered 10,000 marijuana plants growing in your back yard. You are going away for a long time!' At least then you would understand why you are in trouble." So by explaining the "Law" of god to the sinner, he will then fall on his knees and realize that he is going to Hell."

Oh, and of course we can't miss at least one parting shot: "God made me to be a homosexual, so He doesn't want me to change." Their answer to this one is that we are all born in sin, so therefore homosexuality is one of those born-in sins.

And don't forget page 1,493: "Why is Christianity better than other religions?"