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The Guide to Getting It On

The Guide to Getting It On! (The Universe's Coolest and Most Informative Book About Sex)

by Paul Joannides

Among the many lovely items I received from my Queen on Valentine's Day was this: The Guide To Getting It On! by Paul Joannides, published in 2000 by Goofy Foot Press. This is a huge 698-page oversized paperback book that covers just about every sex topic you can think of, with an especial emphasis on every aspect of The Deed itself. It's delightfully light-hearted and yet it's amazingly informative, discussing all sorts of topics in a frank, playful style that makes it a delight to read. Sample chapters in the book include:

Chapt. 9 - Sunsets, Orgasms, & Hand Grenades. Having an orgasm, the different types of orgasms a person can have (an orgasm in two-person sex usually doesn't feel like an orgasm from masturbation, for instance), faking orgasms, how it feels to different people.
Oral Sex - Chapt. 17 - Popsicles & Penises and Chapt. 18 - Vulvas & Honey Pots. Techniques on giving (and receiving) head, why different people don't taste the same, beard burn, using your teeth, advice for men from females (and for women from men), different positions.
Chapt. 34 - Techno Breasts and Weenie Angst - feeling inadequate about your body, and how to feel better because you're not a Playboy/girl model.

Plus: Getting naked, massages, nipples, sex fantasies, birth control (all types, including abstinence), pregnancy, sex laws, goofy sex terms, legitimate sex terms, and much much MUCH more.

Most of the book is large text, but there are many drawn illustrations (not photos), most of which are of people smiling and enjoying themselves as they illustrate whatever the current chapter is talking about. In fact, the whole book feels that way: it wants to make you smile, enjoy yourself, and have FUN with sex -- whatever sex-related topic you're trying to learn about.

After glancing through the book for the past couple of days, I'm already convinced that this is the type of book that I'd like to leave in a semi-comspicuous place at home, and let my kids find it and look through it on their own when they get old enough to need to know about this stuff. It's witty, informative, not deceptive, and it tries to instill common sense as well: Have fun, help your partner have fun, and BE CAREFUL not to get into trouble (pregnancy, STD, break the law, etc.). Even if you've been doing it since you were old enough to know what "it" is, you'll probably still find some useful information in here.

In short, this book is well worth looking into. You may have trouble finding it at a used-book store, because it's a small-press publication; and I suspect that not many people are going to want to get rid of it after they buy it. But you might get lucky and come across it on Ebay or at a used-book store. If you do find this book, then grab it!