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The eXile

Well argued and morally kaleidoscopic pages of Russian realpolitik, literary criticism and charge-sheet of imperialism par excellence, the eXile comes out bi-weekly and is responsible for the most exalted elegy to a former president since Hunter S Thompson's sewer-cannon send-off for Nixon.

is the home of this monumental piece.

Aside from the apposite savaging of lunatic Jer-hee-zus lovin' genocidal despots, there's an excellent line in cultural criticism going down - look up 'Orwell' and what Dr Dolan has to say on him, or for the riposte to spazz-weepie Laureate James Frey's emetic book 'A Million Little Pieces' - sensitively titled 'A Million Pieces of Shit'.

There are sad truths abroad in the world, some great, some petty - but most of them get their due process in the just republic that is the eXile.