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OHM The Early Gurus of Electronic Music

I am a total electronic music gearhead dweeb - and I was very disappointed in this DVD. 3 chapters were long excerpts from the films "Moog" and "Theremin". The majority of the rest were from that 70s-80s school of "avant-garde" electronic music - stuff I consider to be marginal at best and self-indulgent at worst. I saw much of this in it's time - I didn't like it then, and I don't now. Many were recorded tracks over filmed visuals, so you get gloopy light show crap over Morton Subotnick's "Sidewinder" and filmed fireworks over Holger Czukay's music. John Chowning discusses his computer generated FM synthesis techniques (the genesis for the Yamaha DX7) in detail - long, boring detail, better read than narrated. The two stand-outs are Laurie Spiegel performing on an early Bell synthesizer and the sadly forgotten Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company, one of Bob Moog's "house bands".