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Starts out as a horror/ghost movie but quickly turns in to a very dark fantasy, reminiscent of Clive Barker at his best (his novels, like "Weaveworld", not his films), but also "Pan's Labyrinth" and others. This was a pretty daring departure for the Pang Brothers and it worked. A young writer thinks she is being haunted and is hurled into successive alternate worlds where the remnants of all things abandoned end up. The first of these is a hell world of horrible slums (probably based on the worst slums of China) where the dead rain from the sky and the heroine is being hunted by a trio of vengeful spirits. The second world is a world of abandoned toys… The alternate worlds and their inhabitants are very well-realized and VERY creepy. Some of them are based on concepts that are Chinese and may not translate well to Westerners. One of the most important of the worlds and its bearing on the plot is anti-abortion in nature, and while I do not agree with that stance I do believe that it is a very good plot-device for this movie. The main drawback of the way that this story is told is the over-reliance on "real-world" flashbacks to explain the plot points. This interrupts the linearity of the exploration of the hell-worlds - which is the best part of this movie. Angelica Lee and Laurence Chou, the stars of the Pang Brothers' "The Eye" star in this.