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Welcome to the Dollhouse

I used to live in a real backward,redneck area of Columbus Ohio known as "The Bottoms" (Named for reasons I cannot go into here…space restrictions…you know??) and almost everynight two or three of the "Bottoms Dwellers" Who spent all ther money on Beer and ciggarettes and got their cable shut off would beg a few of my movies to watch…I NEVER had anything they would enjoy and always wondered what would happen if I let a complete bass-ackwards moron watch this movie….the results were amazing….ask me sometime!
Tod Solondz (sic) has always made incredible true to life films about outsiders and weirdoes one wonders what his childhood was like. At any rate Dawn Weiner is a 12 year old loser who just wants to fit in and her parents and Brother and Sister just wont let her be her self. He parents force her to tear down her club house and her sister runs away just for attention. She almost gets raped and then her would be rapist forces her to be his girlfriend…just before being hauled off to juvie. Dawn falls in love with the singer for her brothers band and a whole bunch of other stuff happens…but you are just totally drained emotionally after the film because deep inside.. YOU KNOW!!
A truly Subgenius work and a great film to torture your lowbrow friends with. Also a great film to "PRETEND" to get…Thats why all the copies are always sold out at Half Price Books because everyone WANTS to LOOK Smart and this is such an easy film to SAY you Enjoy to LOOK smart!! (Yhea but "Bob" KNOWS!!)
Along with the book "Confederacy of Dunces" This film is a true work of Subgenii Americana!