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I just had to include this one, because you won't believe it until you see it. Do you want your movies rated from a good "Christian" point of view? Check this one out: they take the latest movies and rate them according to "Wanton Violence," "Hate," "Sex," "Drugs," "Murder," and of course "Offense to God." This site rates movies with a graphic of a traffic light: Green means "okay" (the only one I've ever seen them give this to is Mary Poppins), yellow means "caution," and red means "WARNING!" You can get a good idea of their opinion of modern-day movies by noting the fact that they give a "red light" to at least 90% of all the movies listed on their Web site! Here's some of what they think about one of the best mainstream movies of 1999, American Beauty: "I'll not watch this movie again. I'll not watch the teen stripping for video taping and to seduce a married man, and sensual dancing with self-touching to sexually arouse the married man. I'll not watch again the father hitting his teen son with his fist several times, the teen son dealing in drugs, and the smoking of dope by a teen. Nor will I watch again the family bitterness and arguing, the teen arrogance against parental authority, or the parents speaking to the teens with the same hate in their voice and words. And as usual, the most foul of the foul words worked its way into the script along with the three/four letter word vocabulary." WOW! I never would have realized what a good movie this is without their help! THANKS, GUYS! (The best reviews come when they really hate the subject of the review. They described South Park -- Bigger Longer and Uncut as "straight from the smoking pits of Hell…an incredibly dangerous movie for those who do not understand or are developing an understanding of the Gospel ……. INCREDIBLY dangerous.") ")