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In addition to the "Big Eight" hierarchy of newsgroups (news.*, talk.*, comp.*, rec.*, sci.*, soc.*, k12.*, humanities.*) and the alt.* newsgroups, many news servers also carry the christnet newsgroups. These groups were started as a non-profit effort to promote Christianity on the Internet. (The christnet.* newsgroups have been plagued by trolls and Christian bashers, not to mention kooks like Steve Winter (see PreRapture Ministries), but they're still struggling along.) These guys are all pretty mainstream, so most of the information here should be useful to Christians of all varieties. (The really wacked-out stuff that everyone uses to make fun of Christianity can be found elsewhere.) But the biggest problem with mainstream Christianity is that it's so FULL OF ITSELF! I'll admit that I never had much faith in anything, which is probably why I can't find the pure joy that some people see in religion… but even so, it's sad to think of the millions of people who go around letting the Church tell them WHAT TO THINK and WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG, rather than bothering to try to figure it out for themselves!

Here's a Web-based newsreader that lets you browse the Christnet newsgroups through the Web: