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Kjos Ministries

Damn, I thought the idiotic diatribes against the Satanic and occult influences of Dungeons & Dragons ended twenty years ago! But apparently the success of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies have inspired the religious "Protect The Children" wanna-be censors once again. One of the more prolific anti-"occultism for children" preachers is the husband-and-wife team of Andy and Berit Kjos ("Key-oss" ), who've really gotten themselves into a nit because of the exploding popularity of Harry Potter. They cover all the usual bases: Harry Potter, Tolkien, role-playing games, mall-culture paganism, and the so-called "persecution of Christians." Especially check out their essays on "Twelve reasons not to see the Harry Potter movies," and "Potter Mania and Unconscious Learning: How Movie Magic Changes Minds!"