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Weird Crap


Psycho Dave has the honor of possibly being the weirdest guy I ever met. He's also the one who introduced me to "Bob," so that should give you an idea of his tastes. He was a heavy-duty SubGenius reverend for a while, but he schizmed away and formed his own denomination, which he refers to as Recreational Christianity. This consists of merciless Christian-bashing and laughing at anal retentive religious nuts who think the Bible is the ultimate source of knowledge. Psycho Dave specializes in the really weird, the disgusting and revolting, and the rude-and-crude. Of course his page isn't for the faint hearted. (Dave hangs out on alt.atheism most of the time these days.) His page gives you a glimpse of many of the stupid, anal-retentive, closed-minded ideas foisted upon us under the guise of "religion."

(NOTE from Modemac: Excerpts from Psycho Dave's Web site have been re-posted here at The High Weirdness Project, with permission obtained from Psycho Dave.)