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Chilling Effects

In 2002, Scientology flexed its legal muscle and forced Google to remove all references to the most famous anti-Scientology Web site, Operation Clambake. When this story hit the news, people became angry at Google, and Google shrank in the face of bad publicity. They then did two things: they restored the Operation Clambake link ( which is now #2 in any Google search for "scientology" ), and they founded the Chilling Effects Web site. Managed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, hosted by Google, and maintained on a volunteer basis by a whole bunch of law students from law schools across the country, Chilling Effects maintains a database of incidents where someone tried to use the legal system to censor the Internet.

Sadly, this database seems to be growing every day.

The Web site also provides a basic FAQ that explains the basics of "intellectual property" law to casual browsers. This makes the Web site a useful reference for people doing legal research into censorship-related issues.