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Datapimp (This was the working address until end of November; see for more information why the service was discontinued)

There are a number of ways to be anonymous online. One way is to use an anonymous remailer to hide your identity, though this can take a lot of work. It's certainly the best way to come as close as possible to guaranteed total anonymity if you're involved in a private email conversation. However, what if you're just looking for a casual way to deflect spam and prevent typical Web and email users from knowing your real email address? This is one of the main reason why alternate "free" email accounts are so popular, such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and so on.

Of course, everyone in the world has a Google Mail account these days. If you really want to spice up your email, you can go to an email redirection service and sign up for a new email address. Email redirection services don't store email for you; rather, they will forward any email they receive to your existing email address.

And that's where Datapimp comes in. They describe themselves as "email with attitude," and man, is this ever true. If you sign up for an email address at Datapimp (and it's free!), you'll get to choose from a long list of offensive email addresses! Here are some of the email addresses provided by Datapimp:

These email addresses are real! If you want to give yourself an email address of, then you can sign up for it at Datapimp. All email sent to that email address will then be forwarded to your own email address…but the person sending the mail to won't know which address that is.

For added security, I suggest the following: 1) Get an email account at Google, Yahoo, or wherever. 2) Get an email forwarding address (such as one at Datapimp). When you sign up for the email forwarding address, use your Google/Yahoo/whatever account as your own email address, so that email is forwarded there instead of to you. 3) After it's set up, change your Google/Yahoo/whatever settings so that it lists your "home" email address as your Datapimp email ''forwarding'' address. This will make it a lot harder for folks to track you down this way; they would have to get a legal injunction and order Google/Yahoo/whatever to reveal the IP address of the person who is actually accessing the email at your account. But there shouldn't be any reason for anyone to do something like that – as long as you aren't doing anything ILLEGAL!