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Did you know that the Earth is only a little over 6,000 years old?

Of course you do! Every Christian knows that! It's the work of anti-Biblical scientists that makes you think the Earth is over 5.5 billion years old, you know. Old Yahweh can't pull the wool over our eyes with his carbon/argon dating, speed of light, and other totally unscientific, Satanic bullshit!

Assisting you in exposing the scientific conspiracy are the good people at the Institute for Creation Research, wonderfully and credibly headed by none other than master scientist Henry Morris himself. (For details, check out )

The good people at the ICR, for example, are faced with such scientific lies as ice:

Now that's how science should be conducted:

It's a damn shame that all science isn't done properly like this. Humanity would be living on other planets in the Solar System if only rocketry and other sciences utilized this level of Biblical truth.

But it's worse: The scientific community actively lies to us all, making such outlandish claims like, for example, there have been multiple ice ages over the past 5 billion years. Ha! When Biblical science is employed, we discover, "Only one Ice Age has occurred and was, in fact, caused by the residual heat in the oceans left over from the Flood." – Be sure to put "Ice Age" in quotes to show how silly this unbiblical false notion is.

No. Don't think it. Creationists are totally and completely sane. They're simply working to convince the world that blasphemer Galileo was wrong! No, I don't mean Darwin – I mean Galileo. The creationists still haven't forgiven him for blasting Ptolemaic astronomy and thus proving that Man is not the center of the Universe, and the Universe was not created for Mankind. This is the basis of creationism, and this is why creationists attack Darwin's theory of evolution. It supports Galileo's discoveries, and it is further proof that we are not the center of the Universe.

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The Non-Moving Earth

…because that blasphemer Copernicus was wrong, and the Sun actually revolves around the Earth!

And as a response to the "debate" over creationism taking place in the Kansas school systems, opponents of "Intelligent Design" have created the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!