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Wikipedia Scanner

Ahhh, Wikipedia, the great online encyclopedia. Where you can edit your chosen enemies' articles at will and remain anonymous, except through your IP address. Well, not any more! In August of 2007, Virgil Griffith of Cal Tech put together this inclusive search engine that scans millions of "anonymous" IP addresses, and used it to reveal the identities of many people (and organizations) who were secretly editing Wikipedia articles. The results of the Wikipedia Scanner were astounding! Among other things, it turned out that the CIA had been re-writing the articles on Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Fox News had been editing the articles of its most hated rivals, including Keith Olbermann and Al Franken. Worldnet Daily had been editing the article on its founder, Joseph Farah, to remove critical information about him. Even the Church of Scientology was caught editing many Scientology-related articles "under cover."

The method used here is quite simple, actually: you enter in a name, and the utility locates an IP address associated with that name. Then, with a click of your mouse, it then ties into Wikipedia and shows you the edits that have been made with that IP address.

" BTW, Wikipedia Scanner only catches those disinformation agents who are stupid enough to edit anonymously. If you edit as a registered user, Wikipedia hides your IP address and protects your anonymity!" – FSK