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Books and Zines

While I'm certainly no slouch when it comes to reading books, and I've read my fair share, my book reading has tapered off because of my interest in the Net…but that won't stop me from trying out a new bookstore (especially a used book store!) when I discover one.

Abunga Books

Bringing decency to their clients by proudly censoring their own stock based on customer demand.

Book Happy

Reverend Donna Kossy specializes in discovering the strangest and most bizarre books ever published.

Book Slut

A Web zine for obsessed book fanatics. Not that I know any book fanatics myself…do you?

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Because comic books are just for kids, and they should never ever have adult themes and images!

Got Books?

A Massachusetts-based charity fundraiser that specializes in book donations – think "Goodwill for books" and you've got the idea.


Thousands of book lovers listing their book collections online…and bragging about them.


If you have some paperback books that you want to trade for other books, then this place is heaven!

Reviews on

Over on Amazon, I've written about two dozen reviews of various books and movies on video. A few are copied from the text on my Web site here, but most of them are original. Feel free to disagree with me and send hate mail.
See also: Amazon - So You'd Like To Learn About The Written Works Of L. Ron Hubbard: my own commentary on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's literary career, written for I tried to be as honest and neutral as possible, acknowledging the fact that Hubbard wasn't a bad writer…at first.

Safe Libraries

Public libraries are encouraging our innocent children to read pornography!!!


The Holy Bible done as Japanese comics, a.k.a. manga.


A mass-mailed book meant to rope in suckers for St. Matthew's Churches.
This one could be subtitled "A Beginner's Introduction To Conspiracy Theories" by Robert Anton Wilson. Still, anything by RAW is worth reading…
An arsenal of evidence of the scientific proof of the Bible.
Possibly the best guide to sex ever published!
Scientology's proof of the existence of past lives, all presented here for easy reading.
The secret conspiracy that's keeping you from thinking nice thoughts to improve your life.

Comic Books

A combination of comic book and audio CD that blend together into a gnostic ritual, performed by Alan Moore in November of 1995.
I still consider this the greatest of the "epic superhero crossover series" published by Marvel or DC.
Eisner's exposure of the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
The comic book series that rocked "mainstream" superhero comics to their core in the early 1980s.


And it is, too! It used to be a zine, now it's a blog.
Are you looking for that special 126-minute edition of Metropolis? These guys can help!


An excellent guide by Russ Kick to fringe publications of every stripe