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High Weirdness by Mail

High Weirdness by Mail

The true SubGenius Holy Books are The Book of the SubGenius and Revelation X: The "Bob" Apocryphon, but High Weirdness by Mail was the book that truly opened my eyes for "Bob." Published in 1988, it was a groundbreaking book that opened the door to the widening field of crackpotology, and a number of more "serious" books looking at the fringe elements of society have all credited High Weirdness as their inspiration. The addresses in that book are now more than twenty years out of date, but the book is still worth reading for the vicious, hilarious, and outrageous reviews of all of the addresses contained therein. The writing reveals a great part of the true purpose of the Church of the SubGenius, and it was the writing of High Weirdness that inspired me to send my money to "Bob" and become a fully ordained (and paid-up) SubGenius minister.

Over time, I eventually reached the point where I had to "schism" away and offer up my own identity instead of a sequel to High Weirdness by Mail. The result is this very Web site, Cast Iron Chaos, which strives to move in a different direction than that of crackpotology…nonetheless, I certainly acknowledge the influence of High Weirdness By Mail as the basis for its foundation. It is designed to follow the ideals of High Weirdness, in that I attempt to offer my own opinions and give some (hopefully) useful commentary on the many links provided here. A few other Web sites tout themselves as "High Weirdness by Internet" and purport to be the successors to the SubGenius Holy Tome, but all those other sites do is offer a lot of pointless links without the all-important commentary. (I would hope that this Web site would be a lot less interesting if I just served up a bunch of links without saying what they're about.) This is what inspired me the most about High Weirdness by Mail, and I hope that this Web site will inspire you to put some of yourself into your own Web pages. Don't just offer a page of "cool links" – tell us what you think of those links, and let us know why you think they're worthy for you to place on your own Web site. And track down a copy of High Weirdness by Mail to use as your own starting point.