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The Middle East

Do you want a career guaranteed to provide employment for you and your descendants from the present time until who-knows-when? Then become a Middle East peace negotiator! There have been talks, discussions, debates, blatherings, speeches, and an endless stream of tongue-wagging for the past several decades in an attempt to reach an accord on the ongoing problems in the Middle East, and this is likely to continue for the forseeable future. Yasser Arafat, for instance, was "negotiating" for peace and a Palestinian state for twenty-five to thirty years, at least…and still there is no end in sight. Yet, while the politicians and negotiators talk and talk, innocent people on both sides of the conflict are cruelly murdered, day in and day out, in an unending vicious cycle of "this is our revenge for your reprisal for our decisive blow against your retaliation!" And because this particular struggle is a life-or-death fight in the homeland of three of the world's most popular religions, it has become a center stage in the political arena, overshadowing other conflicts that are even more bloody and inhumane. The eyes of the world are upon Palestine and Israel, and this spotlight is unlikely to move away or even blink.

This, of course, is why the atrocities committed by both sides in this conflict have been so brutal. In a place such as the Chad-Libya war, armies and "resistance fighters" for both sides can commit atrocities galore, with barely a mention being made anywhere in the international media. In Israel and Palestine, anyone can pick up a rock and get national headlines if he throws that rock in the right direction. This is why both sides are proceeding so relentlessly down the path towards anarchy and annihiliation. Noteworthy is the Charter of Hamas, which outlines a root cause of the whole bloody mess: Because of religious fervor and the so-called "belief" that it's okay to kill others in the name of the Divine, Hamas rejects any ideas of negotiation and any compromise. It states: "Hamas is one of the links in the Chain of Jihad in the confrontation with the Zionist invasion…[Peace] initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement." It makes you wonder why Israel funded Hamas for 20 years, it should at least.

If God is so just and such a lover of peace, why is it that the lion's share of inhumanity is committed in the name of religious beliefs?

The Arab-Palestinian point of view of the conflict can be seen at The Electronic Intifada, though of course this site focuses primarily on the atrocities committed by Israel. The number of pro-Palestinian Web sites considerably outnumbers the sites promoting the the pro-Israel point of view; so they've countered with an equally biased "Middle East Facts" site..

Anarchists Against the Wall

Israeli anarchist group opposes the Apartheid Wall; holds frequent protests in solidarity with Palestinians.

Barry Chamish

Israel's counterpart to wild political conspiracy theorists in the vein of Alex Jones.


Terrorists and murderers, yes…but they're not just terrorists and murderers. They also aid the Palestinian people when no one else will.

Informed Comment

Scholar Juan Cole's blog on the Middle East.

Iran Freedom Foundation

A fearmongering political group dedicated to manipulating media reports to make you afraid – afraid enough to support a US attack on Iran.

PLO Negotiation Affairs Division Daily Reports
Daily Reports from a people that 'don't exist'(to quote Golda Meir). Reads like Warsaw 1943.

Iraq Freedom Congress

A democratic, secular, progressive, libertarian, non-violent group that opposes nationalism, Baathism, and Islamism.

Neturei Karta. A group of Orthodox Jews opposed to Zionism and the State of Israel. Great Jeremiads! In the tradition of Mosaic protest of golden calfs.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

Libertarian, anti-fundamentalist, democratic, secular, progressive group.

On Zionism by Joe Cosby

The word "Zionism" has become, in conspiracy theory circles, synonymous with a dire dark plot to take over the world violently. This is mostly because of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a work which arose largely in response to the Zionist movement, and which has been since exposed thoroughly to have been a blatant fraud which was really a simple-minded attempt to co-opt anti-semitic sentiments for political reasons.

But there are enough of the simple-minded that, however transparent and well-exposed the fraud is, it will live on forever.

The Zionist movement, in the real world (that being the one which anti-semitic nutbags like you don't live in), was a political movement which rose among Jews in the 19th century. It was based on the simple realization that Jews, for centuries, had been subjected to awful organized violence, murder and national supression in the Christian world, and that maybe it would be good if they had a country of their own. This would give Jews tired of violence and hatred a place to live where they would not be subjected to such hatred, violence and supression and maybe even give them a national political voice which could respond to outbreaks of hatred.

It had nothing to do with a desire to take over the world (as you say, in a Nazi-like fashion). If you were to actually read writings by the real-life, real-world (that being the one which anti-semitic nutbags don't live in) Zionists, that would be very clear. Zionism was simply an idea that maybe, IF it were possible for Jews to have a country which was Jewish, maybe they wouldn't get their asses pogrommed every few years.

Palestine was in no way, shape of form a part of the original idea.

The original idea was simply that, since Jews get slaughtered en masse on a regular basis in the countries in which they live, maybe it would be nice if there were a country where that did not occur.

That is what this evil one-world-order Satanic Viacom hindu plot, Zionism, actually was in real life.

Following World War II the fact that the greatest anti-Jewish pogrom in human history (really, the greatest anti-any-race pogrom in human history) had led to the death of millions of Jews, fueled by a fucking nutbag making political mileage off anti-semitism, aroused international sympathy for the idea of Zionism.

This was not part of some evil one-world-order fascist desire to take over for the forces of evil. It was a recognition that there was this culture which (largely because of the Christian New Testament blaming them for the Murder Of God) was regularly subjected to insane hatred and murder.

Palestine was, at the time, controlled by the British.

The idea of establishing a Jewish nation was completely and totally the idea of the British.

The Zionists were glad to accept this idea, but contrary to your insane babbling, this was not like "the Nazis claiming
Alsace-Lorraine". The fact that you would think it was only shows how utterly ignorant you are about what you are babbling insanely about.

It was an idea of the British. Who didn't think twice about giving a middle-eastern country away for political reasons of their own. The fact that you would talk about Ghandi in this context at all is hysterically laughably ironic, and demonstrative of your utter ignorance. Ghandi's whole fight was based on precisely the same cavalier political and social arrogance of the British.

You could not possibly make it more obvious that you are completely and absolutely ignorant of what you are talking about.

The British gladly gave away Palestine to the Zionists, the Jews, and that was largely fueled by British anti-semites, who were glad to see the Evil Jews fuck off into the middle east.

I don't doubt that the Jews have made decisions in Israel which I personally would find questionable.

But your crypto-anti-semite insane raving ignorant bullshit that the Jews stole Palestine in some fascist attempt to take over the world shows that you are a COMPLETELY IGNORANT FUCK-NUT WHO HAS NO IDEA WHAT THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION IS.

The desire for a home land where they would not be MURDERED BY THE FUCKING MILLIONS is what Zionism is and what Israel is about. I agree completely that the Palestinians have every right to be angry that they had their land taken away.


After seeing LITERALLY FUCKING MILLIONS of your race murdered by the Germans, after seeing LITERALLY FUCKING CENTURIES of your race murdered regularly by every country in which they find themselves, a desire for a homeland is not "Fascism". It is THE FUCKING SURVIVAL INSTINCT.

So now, plopped down in the middle east, under constant aggression by the Palestinians and every other Muslim country in a fucking SUBCONTINENT, the Israelis take recourse to violence to try to survive.

Again, in all honesty, I can sympathize with the violence of the Palestinians.

But for your MENTALLY-RETARDED, NUTBAG, CRYPTO-ANTI-SEMITE ASS to call that FASCISM, and an attempt to TAKE OVER THE WORLD, is so ignorant moronic and utterly at odds with reality that I can really sympathize with the Nazis.

Whatever genetic configuration it is that could possibly sustain that level of utter stupidity should MOST DEFINITELY be removed from the gene pool.

I know I've explained this to you before. I have a definite feeling of deja-vu.

You are just simply too stupid to grasp it.

I have given you a perfectly concise and accurate history of the reality of the Zionist movement and what Israel is in real life.

But it doesn't matter. You will cross your eyes and be babbling the same incredibly stupid babble by tomorrow. It will go right by you. It will make no impression on you.

But somewhere, in the wee creaking whispering back of your mind, in a place that you aren't even capable of consciously bringing to the conscious fore, you will remember this. And you will either have grasped enough to know subconsciously that I am right, and that you are forcing that knowledge from your conscious mind, or at least that you simply shouted what I was saying out of your mind, and that you are probably wrong but that you are INTENTIONALLY IGNORANT of so that you can retain your babbling conspiracy theory.

I'm certain I won't alter your bullshit one iota.

But I'm also certain that it will haunt you where you sleep.