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Creator's Rights Party


Neal Horsley probably would be an unknown figure outside of his home state if it wasn't for the Web…but thanks to the Net, he and his self-created "Creator's Rights" political movement can make fools of themselves for the entire world to see! Horsley has been running for elected office, using his political campaign to express his lovely, caring, hate-thy-neighbor feelings. The primary plank of his platform is the intent to "arrest faggots" if he is ever elected, and his Web site has lots of pretty pictures of aborted fetuses, and an altered photo of President Clinton supposedly showing nekkid pictures to little kids. His ridiculous anti-abortion rants are enough to make the reader want to go out and kill a fetus just to tick this guy off. This Web site is the home of the infamous Nuremberg Files: the names and addresses of doctors who perform abortions are listed here. Pro-choice activists claim that this Web site is actually a "hit list" for anti-abortion fanatics, and they back their claims by noting that when a doctor on this list is killed, his name is checked off. A couple of years ago, Horsley was sued and ordred to pay $110 million in damages for hosting this Web site, but the ruling was overturned on appeal.