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National Vanguard Boston

The National Vanguard is the elite, "intellectual" arm of the white supremacist movement…in other words, they pretend not to hate other races, and they call themselves "white separatists" in an effort to appear civilized. That's probably why their appeal has led to the foundation of offshoot groups in California, New York…and Boston, the faux liberal capital of the United States. The racists in New England may not be inbred rednecks, but they're just as stupid and just as obvious in their hate. They just try to dress it up with fancy words and appeals to Boston revolutionary patriotism.

It's amusing to read the way this site tries to tiptoe around the usual moronic "we hate everyone who isn't white" by using cute weasel words. For example, they are "just ordinary people united in our understanding that this area has become increasingly hostile to persons of European ancestry, who are being replaced by Third Worlders at an alarming rate." In other words, "whites are being oppressed by immigrants!"

Or: "Our first and most important goal is for each people who considers itself to be a people should have self determination and national borders that correspond with ethnic borders." I.E.: "Keep non-white people out!"

Apparently the so-called "persecution of whites" in the United States (or at least in New England) is more prevalent than you'd think. When I looked for people who actually admitted to belonging to this group, I could only find a Google cache of a deleted MySpace page. Betcha this guy was kicked off for "promoting hate" on MySpace

(We can't forget this line from their membership application: "Persons of Jewish descent, homosexuals or bisexuals, criminals, persons with a non-White spouse or sexual partner, or persons with more than an undetectable trace of non-White ancestry are specifically barred from membership.""))