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Operation Rescue


One of the marks of obsessive fanaticism is revealed when a group attempts to label its opponents as something less than human beings. So it is when we look at the "debate" (or rather, "holy war" ) ") over abortion. You've heard of Operation Rescue and its single-minded crusade to save "innocent babies" from evil "abortionists." But you won't know just how heartless and cruel these bastards are until you take a look at their own writings. The Operation Rescue site is designed to shock you away from using your own mind, by hammering you with endless images of aborted fetuses. "Look at these poor innocent babies, murdered by the Nazi abortionists! Don't think about the circumstances that led to this – just be shocked, and blindly obey our chant that Abortion Is Murder!" In the world of Operation Rescue, all who favor abortion are "abortionists" (a term designed to make the Enemy seem like a faceless, evil conspiracy), and any and all tactics to "save the innocent babies" are encouraged. With a mind-set like this, one can understand why nearly all of the hate and violence on the abortion front has come from the so-called "pro-life" circles. These guys try to put on a straight face when they make statements like: Operation Rescue West's position on killing abortionists is that we do neither condemn the killing nor condone the activity. ("Yay! Another evil abortionist has been killed and we can't be blamed for it!" ) Yes, folks, you too can see the type of so-called "peaceful non-violent intervention" tactics used by these folks – including stalking doctors, their families, their children, using nonstop harassment tactics, and anything else they can get away with it. But hey…it's okay for these guys to be assholes. After all, they've got God on their side and they're Christians!