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Protocols of the Elders of Zion

You simply can't have a compendium of kookdom and anti-Semitic garbage without including a mention of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This document – or rather, this piece of worthless garbage – has probably been responsible for more deaths, hurt, and suffering in the 20th century than any other publication besides the Bible and the Quran. It was the basis for Hitler's ideologies; it is used as a reference work by white supremacists and anti-Jewish fools worldwide; and it is taught as a school textbook in The Middle East!

And it is a complete fraud. In order to make it clear to everyone reading this, I'll repeat that:

The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are a FAKE. They are a FRAUD!

Is that clear enough?

The history of the Protocols has been well-documented by historians: they are a forgery based on a document published in France 1864 entitled Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, by satirist Maurice Joly. The document was meant as a criticism of Napoleon III. The Protocols itself was the fictional creation of Hermann Goedsche, a spy for Prussia who was living in Germany when he wrote a book in 1868, entitled Biarritz. The Protocols is actually one single chapter of the book, detailing the outcome of a secret meeting of an insidious cabal with an agenda of world domination. But that one chapter was published and re-published many times over the years, becoming known as the Protocols. Even today, you are likely to encounter idiots of all types who will vouch for the so-called "authenticity" of the Protocols.

What can be done to remove this stain from the annals of literature? The First Online Church of "Bob" offers this suggestion: Laugh at it and expose it for the useless trash that it is. In many universities, libraries, and archives, the Protocols is often kept in a special "restricted" section and allowed only limited access. In other places it is banned completely. Actions like this are what continue to give the book its value: because so many people want to hide it from public view, it is thought, the book must therefore have some worth! This is why we suggest that the Protocols be exposed, far and wide. Give everyone the chance to see it if they want to, and see with their own eyes that it is a silly, useless document. By laughing at it and mocking it, then the Protocols may finally meet the fate it truly deserves.

One of the most thorough investigations – and debunking – of the Protocols actually took place way back in 1921. The Times of London thoroughly exposed the document as a fraud; however, the expose was soon forgotten while the Protocols itself continued to thrive and prosper. The Web site The Source of the Protocols of Zion has made the Times investigation of the Protocols available for download, in Adobe .PDF format. This file is 20 megs in size, and the Web site is looking for additional help in making the Times article available for download. If you have sufficient download space on your server, then feel free to make this file available for download. (It would also be good to make this file available on BitTorrent.)

To see the Protocols itself, and its exposure as a fake, you can click on the following:

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (1 megabyte PDF download)

"Times of London" exposure of the "Protocols" (114K PDF download)

See also: The Plot by Will Eisner, a good introduction to the history of the Protocols.
A 90-minute HBO documentary on the history of the Protocols was made available online in June of 2007: [1]