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The Birdman

Some of the funniest racist crap to be found out there are the rantings and screeds that are so ridiculous, you can't tell whether it's satire or the real thing. And with that warning, be ready to experience the writings of John Bryant – the Birdman! The self-proclaimed "World's Most Controversial Author" gives us a Web monument to his ego, with Birdman-isms dripping from every sentence. From a series of beginning quotes from "JBR Yant", to the claim that his site gets a million hits per day (actually, he gets about as many visitors as this very Web site), to his scary-looking photo of himself and his birds…to his many postings on white supremacist message boards about "the Jewish question," Holocaust denial, the "Struggle to Preserve Western Civilization"…I could go on, but you get the idea. The Birdman revels in the various flame wars, political backbiting, and paranoia going on the racist community, and he's busy attacking fellow deniers like David Irving (he really doesn't like Irving), trying to engage other "controverisal" Web authors (he calls Worldnet Daily manager Joseph Farah an "unethical, hypocritical liar who avoids the real issue - Jews"), and looking for ways to promote himself. He directs most of his ire and hostility against Jews – not just the usual racist Holocaust denial crap, which he heartily embraces; but against what he describes as "an overall assault on America and the West." Samples of his writing about Jews include:

(He's especially fond of writing Open Letters on the Net to people of importance, in the hope that they might actually read them.)

In the midst of all this, Birdman got himself in a legal tussle with the city of St. Petersburg over his insistence on feeding the pigeons on the city park. He has an archive of letters, and a few legal documents, on his site.

Don't miss Bryant's section of self-published books for sale, in which he espouses his thoughts on: