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Tom Metzger

Whatever is bad for the White European Race is the ultimate Evil.

One of the most famous "martyrs" for the so-called "Aryan race," White Aryan Resistance and its leader, Tom Metzger, provide us with perfect examples of what ignoramuses these white-power idiots really are. They reached their heyday in the 1980s when they openly and proudly proclaimed their hatred of anything that differed from blond-haired, IQ-70 dim bulb morons (in other words, 99.95% of the human race). They even had a public cable-access show that aired the worst dregs of supremacist trash, spouting every predictable hate-spewed stereotype you could imagine. Holocaust denial? Check. Tough talk about war against all dem niggas, joos, immy-grants, and libruls? Check. Their message wasn't just spelled out in black and white (or rather, red and white)…these guys had no sense of subtlety or irony at all. Even the Nazis were more subtle in their double-entendres than these guys, who even gave their group a name with the acronym WARduh.

But what really put these guys in the spotlight was the way they were completely defeated by the Southern Poverty Law Center. In 1988, a kid from Ethiopia who came to the US to attend college was beaten to death by two skinhead scumbags. WAR's founder and leader, Metzger, made a comment that the two skinhead idiots did a "civic duty" by killing him…and the SPLC used that statement as the basis to go after WAR. They convinced a jury to award damages of $12.5 million against WAR, and especially against Tom Metzger himself. This bankrupted WAR, and Metzger lost his home as part of the judgment.

(This is why the Web site for WAR is now managed by Metzger, rather than through WAR. If it was declared to be the property of WAR rather than Metzger, it could be seized by the court.)

Since the SLPC judgment ensures that Metzger has to live on welfare without a job (because any income he makes will be seized by the court), he's had a lot of time to put his Web site together – a personal Web site, not the official WAR site, of course. It's a showcase for every stereotypical "shocking" Web design in the book: blood-red writing against a black background, with nearly half the text of the home page in SCREAMING CAPITAL LETTERS. The subjects covered here follow the pattern of most other brain-dead white supremacist groups, covering all of the usual distasteful subjects. There are galleries of "racist cartoons," "racist games" ("Shoot the fags before they rape you!" "Don't let those spics cross our border!"), and archives of Metzger's radio show, Insurgent Radio.

Possibly the most amazing thing about WAR and its Web site is that it is seen as a shining example of the white supremacist movement – beating its viewers over the head with its message, in much the same way that its followers dream of beating their victims over the heads with clubs.

WARNING! As I was browsing this Web site and taking a look at the "Radio Club," a virus warning popped up: a file called downloader.tibs was trying to sneak into my browser's cache. So if you go browsing through WAR's site, be sure your anti-virus scanner is up to date and working.