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American Family Association

To a great many people, Donald Wildmon is known as that kooky nutjob preacher who constantly rants about the evil control of television and the movies by Satan. There's a good reason why he's known as a kook: Wildmon and his organization are the ones who campaigned against the cartoon Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures in the 1980s because of a scene on that show in which Mighty Mouse supposedly snorted cocaine. He's also the guy who claimed that Disney's 1990s film The Lion King contained the subliminal message "SEX" in a dust cloud during one scene of the film. The American Family Association (which was originally called the National Federation for Decency) has organized advertiser boycotts against a number of TV shows that they believe promote a "homosexual" agenda…and Wildmon knows that the best way to really hurt a TV studio is to hit it in the wallet.

In a manner similar to the equally nutty Worldnet Daily, the AFA has its own news service with an RSS feed: One News Now (formerly Agape Press). Religious-themed "news" stories covering the insidious battle against the evil worldwide homosexual conspiracy can be found here every day without fail.

In March of 2010, Donald Wildmon announced his retirement as chairman of the AFA; his son Tim has taken up the position and is following in his footsteps. The AFA's war against homosexuality continues today, as we have seen with such hilarious hijinks as the AFA declaring in May of 2010 that not only was Adolf Hitler an atheist, he was a homosexual, too! (See that fun video here: [1]) What's more, this wasn't the first time the AFA has claimed Hitler was gay: former AFA California leader Scott Lively is a co-author of The Pink Swastika, which claims that many leaders in the German Nazi regime, including Hitler himself, were gay.