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Worldnet Daily

The Internet gives a voice to the voiceless – even when some of those voices turn out to belong to sucks-ups, morons, and fools. Case in point: Joseph Farah, the founder and maintainer of the conservative, anti-homosexual, pro-religious Worldnet Daily. Farah runs this news service, along with his "G2 News Bulletin" site, in order to view the news from an "unbiased" point of view. Worldnet focuses on news stories dealing with evil Islamic terrorists, evil homosexuals, and the evils of Hollywood. While not as lurid and off-the-wall as Paranoia, Worldnet enjoys fostering conspiracy theories, and many of its commentaries speculate on ways to turn the United States towards Jesus Christ and away from evil.

However, the election of Barack Obama to the office of the President of the United States in 2008 really brought Farah and his cronies over the edge. During the 2008 election season, Worldnet Daily became one of the most vocal promoters of the birther conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was supposedly born in Kenya instead of Hawaii, and that the actual birth certificate registered in Hawaii is a forgery. Worldnet Daily has pushed this outlandish theory as truth in the same manner as creationists, Holocaust deniers and anti-vaccination kooks: in spite of vast amounts of evidence that these theories are nothing but hot air and that the entire world is laughing at them, they continue to push this twaddle in the face of the public as the truth, in the hope that if they repeat the lie often enough, someone will believe it and it will become the truth. While they don't come right out and admit that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ, the writers at Worldnet Daily have done everything they can to convince themselves (and hopefully the world…ha ha ha!) that Obama is EVIL.

Without exception, every visit to Worldnet Daily will treat you to two running themes: Obama is evil, and the Satanic cult of Islam is launching a holy war against the entire world. Needless to say, anything in the media that hints at the idea of Obama as a Muslim will show up in screaming headlines here.

Farah describes his G2 Bulletin as a window into a "vast network of international intelligence sources," delivering to the reader "credible insights into geo-political and geo-strategic developments." He's been showing up a lot on RSS news, including both Google and Yahoo, and he's made himself some political connections in the past few years. Subscriptions to the G2 news bulletin are $99 per year.

In addition, Worldnet Daily publishes a monthly news magazine called Whistleblower. Any issue of this rag is guaranteed to have in-depth investigations into WND's favorite topics: if it makes Islam, paganism, or homosexuals look bad, you'll find it here.

Unfortunately for Farah, there's an active Web site and blog out there especially dedicated to examining Worldnet Daily and subjecting it to closer scruitiny: ConWebWatch. This site's byline describes itself as "Watchdogging the conservative new media" – especially Worldnet Daily.