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In These Times


The mainstream news rags like Time and Newsweek have long since degenerated into nothing more than mouthpieces for the Conspiracy. The "news" delivered by these magazines, and their many imitators, is nothing more than a bland re-hashing of the hottest TV news stories of the week…and what's even worse is the fact that major newspapers and magazines are subject to corporate censorship. They're owned by mega-corporations who don't want their agendas ruined by public exposure of their activities through the news, and they can censor the content of these publications as they please. This means that many important news stories never reach the eyes and ears of the public through the mainstream mass media…and it falls to "alternative" news sources such as In These Times to look for the real news and information. While Time and Newsweek continually imitate each other and promote the latest non-news story of the week (and why does religion focus so heavily on their covers?), In These Times and the alternative news sources consistently deliver stories that will open your eyes and make you realize what you're missing when you watch the Corporate News Network.